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I’ve been listening to Leh too much omg and nO NARUTO IS NOT NAKED

Also I truly need to thank Gabzilla-z, Dymx and boaillustration for their beautiful coloring, you guys have inspired me so much it’s crazy! All my respect to you and your work i’m so happy i found you people to begin with <3



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Aaaand I colored it. \o/ Was kinda rushin’ with it :s


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Sakura often felt hopeless in helping either boy with their issues, to help them fight, to support them and watch their backs. She often felt like the one who needed the protection, or that she was holding them back, or that she was unable to do anything for them at all.

When Sasuke left the village is when Sakura felt most useless to help Sasuke. She begged to Naruto to do something because she felt like she couldn’t. She could reach him despite her best effort, despite pouring out her heart begging him not to leave. Noticeably, this confession was all about how she would feel.

When Naruto returned to the village after failing to retrieve Sasuke is also when she felt most unable to do anything. She watched as Naruto pleaded and begged her to have confidence in him, that he would bring Sasuke back no matter what. It is Naruto’s drive that drives her to do something about her ‘uselessness’, where she promised she would help him next time.

Again, we see her drive to help Naruto reappear at the Heaven and Earth bridge. When she realizes how far Naruto goes to help Sasuke, much farther than her at the time, she begs him to stop for his sake. Soon after, she feels ashamed, because Naruto goes so far and tries so hard, but she feels like she can’t do anything to help him. Soon after, when they both fail to stop Sasuke from leaving again before their eyes, it is Sakura who reassures him that they will definitely bring him back.

When Sakura discovers that Sasuke has joined the Akatsuki and that Naruto love for her runs deep, Sakura again puts herself down, calling Naruto a fool for loving someone like her. She tries to take the situation into her own hands, because she feels like it’s all her fault that Naruto is pushing himself extra hard to bring back Sasuke. She tries to kill Sasuke herself for two reasons. She doesn’t want to see him become darker than he was, and because she wants to save Naruto from himself and his own self-harming drive. When her plan fails, it is Naruto who encourages her that Sasuke will surely return.


When Naruto is injured, Sakura wastes no time healing for him, and even speaking for him when the alliance starts to rely on him too much. When Sasuke returns and he and Naruto go out to fight, Sakura quickly follows him, almost insulted that Naruto didn’t invite her to fight. She boasted that she can stand and fight beside them, she is strong too. She has no fear or hesitance speaking to him as his ally, his friend, his equal. Naruto says nothing, but instead, he smiles, agreeing that Team 7 is back together again. Naruto has no problem with Sakura speaking her mind and stepping up next to him.

When Naruto is at death’s door, Sakura doesn’t question what she can do for him or doubt how much she can help him or if she can save him. She states that she WILL save him, and she will make sure he’s able to achieve his stupid dreams of being Hokage.

When faced with Madara, Sakura quickly offers herself up as a distraction. While Sasuke takes the opportunity that she opened for them, he doesn’t appear to care for her well-being, seeming to be planning to slice through her, to get to Madara. Naruto jumps in and pulls her away before Sasuke or Madara’s limbo can strike her. She is sadded by Sasuke’s lack of care for her well-being, like a normal teammate such as Naruto and Kakashi have.

When the genjutsu is cast down upon the world, Sakura questions what was going on outside, but Sasuke quickly shuts her down, saying she could do nothing even if she knew. Sakura withdrawls into herself. She doesn’t really ask much again.

When hanging over a pool of lava by a thin paper scroll, Sakura is hurt by Sasuke’s words, how they were only saved because they were with Naruto. But Sakura becomes devastated when Naruto partially agrees. She takes Sasuke’s word to heart, saying that surely he is right about them, but she thanks Naruto for feeling otherwise.

When Sasuke is trapped in the other dimension, Sakura is able to give it her all, putting all her energy into helping him escape despite the things he said about her before. She wants to do everything she can to get him back, so that he and Naruto can keep on going, before Naruto meets a terrible end fighting all alone. She succeeds. Although Naruto thanks her, no thanks have been heard from Sasuke.


And lastly, when faced with a situation in where Sasuke is turning their back on them again, none of the feelings that she can help, that she is worth something, that she has power transfers over to Sasuke. It all shatters before our eyes, and she reverts back to a state in which she feels all she can do is beg. No stop him with her power, her strength, or even the strength of her words. In front of Sasuke, she radiates weakness, she submits herself to him, she allows herself to be hurt by him, because she feels that all she can do to help Sasuke. She can’t yell at Sasuke with her angry words like she would for Naruto. She can’t run up and physically stop him or hold him like she might have for Naruto. She ends up begging. Although the feelings behind her words have changed slightly, her actions do not differ from when she confessed 4 years ago. Quickly after, Sasuke tears her down even more, calling her dreams a fairy tale, dreams, impossible. Nevermind that he called her annoying and cast a horrifying genjutsu on her.


If someone were to ask my why I continue to ship NaruSaku and will continue to ship NaruSaku even if it isn’t destined to be canon, this is why.

In NaruSaku, Sakura can be herself. She can stand up for herself. She can speak her words and ask questions without fear. She can look Naruto in the eye with confidence. In NaruSaku, I see partnership, strength, friendship, and love, be it romantic or platonic. NaruSaku already feels real. It doesn’t feel like they have very many steps to take to enter a mutual relationship above the one they already have. That is why I like NaruSaku, because I can enjoy it both ways. As it is now, friends with mutual trust, and as it could be, lovers who are nerds.

In SS, I see a guy who has no interest in a girl, a guy who refuses to show any sign of reciprocation, even if the girls feelings are real. I see a girl who is so attached to the past, she can’t let go. Despite being hurt over and over again by this person who doesn’t care about her, she doesn’t hate him for it. She blames herself for not doing enough. She blames herself for not being able to do anything. She blames herself for him acting so cruel and heartless towards her. She blames herself for the mistakes he makes. She blames herself for his crimes. I see a girl blaming herself for everything when it’s not entirely her fault, or it’s not her fault at all. She never really speaks up for herself in front of Sasuke, she always tears herself down. I can’t stand it. That is why, I never have and never will ship SS, like SS, or consider it good writing or anything ridiculous like that.

Emoji Naruto (insp.)

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Current state of the Naruto Pairingwar.

(It’s only for fun, because it seems a lot of people here are feeling down these days.)

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Yeah .. You’re that kind of idiot .. !

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Naruto Uzumaki + his adorable smiles
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making up for that shitty comic i did

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reminder to self; do not listen to sam smith’s stay with me when drawing nejiten.

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my new sketch x3 (I have twitter now so beware of my new posts  ;D) 

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The 5 steps of being Kishimoto:

Step 1: Have Kushina want Naruto to be with a girl like herself.

Step 2: Make a movie where Kushina teases Naruto to go get Sakura.

Step 3: Have Naruto’s father say that Sakura reminds him of Kushina.

Step 4: Have Sakura have the exact same haircut as Mito and Kushina.

Step 5: Watch in amazement as people can still try to deny NaruSaku.

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Not a Naruto fan but if i have to choose , i think i’ll choose NaruSaku ;v;

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